“After living in the beautiful Two City Plaza condo in downtown West Palm Beach, Lori and Christopher Cronican found a perfect house for my family. I not only bought that home, but also listed my condo with The Cronican Group. We were on a tight turnaround schedule to sell our Condo and as slow season was facing us, I was concerned about having the condo sit on the market; however, for Lori and Christopher it was business as usual. Taking their deep knowledge of the building, their aesthetic for making beautiful marketing materials, their savvy social marketing and most of all their global relationships; Lori and Christopher took the challenge with so much positive energy, enthusiasm and most of executive level professionalism. Unfortunately, I hit some permit hurdles, however, Lori and Christopher took them on as their own and helped take care of the situation and sealed the deal. They sold and closed on the Condo within 39 days of listing and with the highest comps in the building! Only Lori and Christopher Cronican are able to close on a house and sell the condo only a week apart. Thank you, Lori and Christopher. You will forever be my Realtors!” – Ana Yuricek

“We feel blessed beyond measure to have met The Cronican Group, Lori and Christopher did what no other Realtor could do; they sold our ocean front condo in the first week, with two cash offers at a record high, and show it more times in those first few days than 4 separate Realtors, did over 600 days of listing. This team also went beyond their scope of duty; because we are elderly and could not come to Florida, Lori and Christopher, took care of every step of the process. Including moving out our belongings, coordinating donations, and even selling our car for us. Never asking for anything more, just the goal to help make the process seamless and swift. Thank you both for your incredible dedication and passion.” – David & Jeanette Dietrich

“I want to thank everyone who provided me with their recommendation on a real estate agent to rent out my unit in Two City Plaza. From this forum I was very fortunate to come across Lori Cronican of Douglas Elliman. Lori rented my unit out in one day, she went above and beyond the call of her real estate duties to handle my rental I reside in Toronto and she handled every little detail right down to paint matching for me. I have been dealing with real estate agents for many years, and Lori is not only a professional machine, she handles each step of the way as if you are part of her family, warm and trustworthy. Something I have rarely experienced in the past. This is a big thank you for recommending Lori to me. And a big thank you to you Lori for taking me on as a client. You are the best agent I have come across in many many years.” – Barry Plener

“Thank you very much for your outstanding professional service in the time you spent working with us while we searched for the perfect site to build our home. Your choice of the location we ended up with is very desirable and beautiful. Thank you for the exceptional service you gave while our home was being constructed and being our "eyes" when we were unable to come to Florida. The Cronican Group will always be our choice of referral to all our friends who may wish to locate a home in the Florida area. You and Christopher are a dynamic team. Anyone who gives you their trust will surely be blessed.” – The Milnes’s

"Lori is the consummate professional in every aspect. She has cultivated a rich network of contacts in her career which allows her to find the best connections for buyers and sellers. Lori is thorough and detail oriented, which provides comfort to her clients during the process. Most importantly, she is creative and tenacious--two critical characteristics for any successful sales strategy. I would trust Lori with my home any time." – Sam Ditka

“Lori and Christopher Cronican are a dynamic team with a high value for customer service and achieved results. I have been impressed with their ability to listen to their client needs and respond with excellence. Their work ethic and strategic approach in this industry is undeniable.” – The Smith’s

“If you have Lori on your team, you have someone who will do whatever it takes …not only to get the job done but to get the job done in an exceptional way. She is energetic, available, and somehow seems to work 25 hours a day. Lori constantly seeks forward thinking ideas and innovative solutions. When presented with setbacks, she regroups quickly, and often with ingenious plans. Lori’s communication is prompt, thoughtful and offers sound perspective. She is a team player, often putting what is good for the company ahead of her own needs. She demonstrates flexibility and patience in dealing with a variety of personalities. Always professional, Lori is committed to achieving and surpassing goals, on time, with grace and ethical backbone.” – Mary Alice Heape

“Lori's commitment to creating an outstanding social media marketing program is exceptional. She continually thinks of new business development strategies, both long and short-term, and follows through with creative, effective implementation. Lori is a consummate learner, always seeking new technical and business skills while staying at the forefront of the industry. She is a thorough pleasure to work with, as she is consistently a clear communicator, considerate, an excellent listener, and a dedicated. She is most remarkable for her tireless work ethic, and strong moral code.” – Barbara Bisel

“Lori is a multi-talented person whom I highly endorse.” – Lee Ann

"She is truly an amazing woman in every aspect- honest, loyal, thoughtful, energetic, smart and incredibly hard working. Lori follows through on every detail, returns every email and phone call promptly and can be counted on for whatever you need.... regardless how busy she is. What an asset she is to the real estate community. I would hire her immediately for any real estate need I had, knowing I would receive top notch customer service!" – Leigh Levy

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