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Updated: Sunday, March 24, 2019

How to Beat Sellers Stress
Written By: Realty Times Staff

Three things are certain in life: death, taxes ... and undue stress caused by moving. Whether or not you use the services of a Realtorreg; to help you wade through the uncertain waters of the buy-and-sell process, moving is stressful, period. And theres not much you can do to avoid it. And were not just talking about packing and paperwork. Movin...

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Why Home Buyers Should Hire a Professional
Written By: Blanche Evans

To negotiate todays challenges, you need a real estate sales professional to help you close the deal. A good real estate professional understands current market conditions. He or she has house-by-house neighborhood experience and can help you obtain the right home at the best price and terms.Your agent can help you find a home quickly. Not only ...

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FHA High Balance Home Loans
Written By: David Reed

FHA loans are easier to save up for because the minimum down payment is only 3.5 of the sales price. Credit requirements are lower for FHA loans. The minimum credit score for an FHA loan is 580 whereas a minimum credit score for a conventional loan is 620 for most programs.However, FHA does issue home loan limits which will vary based upon the l...

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Septic or Sewer: Whats the Difference?
Written By: James Stevenson

All of these functions >1. Sewer system2. Septic systemSewer systems are different than a septic system because one >Why Many Homeowners >A sewer system requires no maintenance, but youll need to pay monthly fees for using the system. Local governments allow the homeowner to hook up the local sewer system, which will ensure all of your waste is ...

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How to DIY Abstract Art
Written By: Jaymi Naciri

Yes, you can scour the internet for abstract art in every color, shape, and size, and yoursquo;ll pay a pretty penny for a lot of it. Or, you can D-I-Y your A-R-T. Itrsquo;s easier than you think to create something that looks like you dropped some serious cash to dress up your walls, and you might even have a good time while yoursquo;re at it. ...

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Kitchen Cabinets: Paint em Yourself or Pay the Big Bucks?
Written By: Jaymi Naciri

Preparation is key when painting your cabinets, and the number of steps yoursquo;ll need to follow to achieve a quality finish can seem impossible. Yoursquo;ll want to remove the doors, drawer fronts, and hardware. Fill in any holes and smooth out any gouges. Degrease, sand, vacuum, wipe, sand some more, vacuum some more, wipe some more. And may...

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Alarm Bells Sound as HELOC Loans Increase in Canada
Written By: Jim Adair

A recent survey found that many consumers donrsquo;t understand how home equity lines of credit HELOCs work and are at risk of over borrowing.The survey, by the Financial Consumer Agency of Canada, says most survey respondents scored less than 50 per cent on a knowledge test of HELOCs, and that more than 25 per cent of those who have the loans m...

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Nightmare Neighbor: Disturbing Marijuana
Written By: Benny L Kass

The first year I lived here it only happened once or twice a month. But about two years ago his use increased to a few times a week. I covered all vents and ducts and purchased two very expensive air purifiers - which had very little effect. At that point I knocked on my neighbors door and tried to have a conversation with him about it, explaini...

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Its a Beautiful Day in the Gayborhood
Written By: Jaymi Naciri

The survey also focused on housing discrimination among the LGBTQ community, noting that, ldquo;Federal law and the Fair Housing Act do not yet include protections for LGBTQ clients.rdquo; Although, ldquo;According to the Human Rights Campaign, twenty-one states and the District of Columbia currently prohibit housing discrimination based on sexu...

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5 Overlooked Factors That Can Affect Your Homes Insurance Rates
Written By: Paul Martin, CPCU

1. The age and condition of your house.This is one of the most obvious factors and also one of the biggest. The age of your house and the wiring, pipes, roof, lumber, square footage, and even how many corners it has all play a role in the price of your insurance.It comes down to the risk associated with the house and the costs that come with rep...

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Ask the HOA Expert: Gutters That Work
Written By: Richard Thompson

Until the late 19th century virtually all rain gutters were made of wood. With the advent of metal roll forming machines around 1900, the ability to create metal gutters became possible. The roll forming process shapes long coils of flat metal into long, formed sections of gutters in a variety of designs. Up until the 1970s, most rain gutter was...

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8 Easy Ways To Improve Your Homes Curb Appeal
Written By: Mikkie Mills

1. Spruce Up the Front Door Your homes front door is like a welcoming smile. Make sure yours is bright and attractive. If its in terrible condition, consider replacing it. Otherwise, a fresh coat of paint in a color that compliments your home will do. Polish or replace the doorknob and hardware. A metal kick plate at the bottom will do wonders t...

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Cautious, Realistic Approach Needed When Buying A Time-Sharing Unit
Written By: Benny L Kass

Answer. If you have the time -- and perhaps the patience -- to put up with the sales presentation, it certainly pays to make the appointment. However, you should look long and hard before you commit yourself to purchasing any kind of time-sharing condominium unit. If you do want to buy into a time-sharing arrangement, you should do so cautiously...

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To Rent or Sell Your Vacant Home
Written By: Catherine Gomez

Deciding whether or not to sell or rent your vacant home is an incredibly big decision that requires a lot of thought. Therefore, you should always look at the pros and cons of selling or renting your home.nbsp;The Main Reason to Sell Your HomeBefore you can look at the pros and cons of selling your home instead of renting it, its important to l...

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Home Upgrades That Can Save You Money
Written By: Mikkie Mills

Adding Smart LightingDid you know the lighting in your home can increase or decrease the overall value? Itrsquo;s one of the easiest and least expensive upgrades you can make. You may be wondering ldquo;How does adding new lighting save me more money?rdquo; Most lighting inside homes comes from incandescent light bulbs, which are filled with mer...

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Sunday, March 24, 2019

How to Beat Sellers Stress...
Three things are certain in life: death, taxes ... and undue stress caus...

Why Home Buyers Should Hire ...
To negotiate todays challenges, you need a real estate sales professiona...

FHA High Balance Home Loans...
FHA loans are easier to save up for because the minimum down payment is ...

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